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Microsoft Licensing:
Arabesque Group was the first and is one of the leading Licensing Solution Provider [LSP] in the State of Kuwait. Software licensing provides greater flexibility for software purchasing, but also adds a definitive level of complexity. Determining which agreement is the best fit for your company and can be a tedious task.

Selecting the Proper Agreement
Based not only on the size and nature of your organization, we take the time to fully examine the IT environment, challenges, growth plans, and strategic initiatives prior to making any licensing plans recommendations. Our team will make sure clients understand what software they already own and have deployed, making the options for their next investment more clear.

Helping clients select the proper licensing agreement to meet your business needs, we feel is the key to being a trusted software advisor.

The Type of Agreements we cater for all industries are:
  • Microsoft Open License Agreement [OLP]
  • Microsoft Products and Services Agreement [MPSA]
  • Microsoft Online Services Agreement [OLS]
  • Simplified pay as you use cost structure for your IT shrinking or extensibility.
  • Microsoft Enterprise Agreements [EA]
  • Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Subscription. [EAS]
  • Microsoft School / Campus Agreement
  • Microsoft Enrollment for Educational Solutions [EES]
  • Microsoft Open Value Agreements [OV]
  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider [CSP]
  • Microsoft Server and Cloud Enrollment [SCE]
  • Simplified pay as you use cost structure for your IT shrinking or extensibility, [pay-as-you-go cloud computing].
  • Maximize Your Investment
    The software assets you purchase and the way you purchase them can have a significant effect on important aspects of your day-to-day business. We show you how to leverage proper software licensing to reduce costs, simplify procurement, and increase efficiency, all while supporting your strategic business goals.

    We provide the following Licensing Services:
  • License Compliance Check: Microsoft SAM Baselines (ELP) Production.
  • Audit Support & Simulation Services: To ensure your organization is ready for audit before submitting data to the vendor. Arabesque provides a comprehensive audit support and simulation services on licenses for Microsoft technologies.
  • Cloud Computing Services.
  • For more information on our range of Licensing Services, please book an appointment with our specialized team.

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